At the beginning of a every project we assess what your business needs and Vicky will bring together a dream team from the list of Marketing Harmony Associates below.  This is done on a project-by-project and client-by-client basis. This means you only pay for what you need – virtual and on-site marketing services – when you need it.  

  • Vicky Glanville Marketing

    Service areas: Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Strategy, Business Coaching, Marketing Mentoring, Marketing Training, Project Management and Asanas!


  • Kim Visser
    Kim Visser Communications

    Service areas: Communications and marketing; Brand; Strategy and planning; Content and asset development; Crisis and reputation; Copywriting; Campaign management; Stakeholder and client services and management; Business Development.

    • Ian Robinson Design & Creative

      Service areas: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Strategy, Digital Media, Typography, Corporate Branding, Infographic creation, Making Tea, Digital Media and Logo Design

      • Emily Roberts Content

        Service areas: Content creation, Social Media, Press Releases, Press management, Story creation, Blogging

      • James Taylor
        James Taylor SEO

        Service areas: Technical SEO, outreach, content strategies, keyword research, on-page SEO optimisation, SEO audits

      • Pamela Lai
        Pamela Lai Social Media

        Service areas: Social Media planning and scheduling. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Community engagement. Content creation.

      • Wendy Santarossa
        Wendy Santarossa Account Manager

        Service areas: Client services and management; Account management; Project management; CRM; Campaign management; Operations; Business process improvement

      • Hannah Kelleher
        Hannah Kelleher Account Manager

        Service areas: Client services and management; Account management; Project management; Campaign management;

      • Remeny Armitage
        Remeny Armitage Client Care

        Service areas: Client Care, Client Retention, Business Growth, Marketing Strategies,  Marketing Mentoring, Client Journeys, Business Development, Business Processes.

      • Stephen Smith Website design

        Service areas: Website design, Website auditing and review, Wireframe production, Responsive design, Website production, Template production, Flash animation and Actionscript 2.0

      • Liam Kelleher Artist & Illustrator

        Service areas: art training, media pre-production visualisation, storyboarding, sequential illustration and character design.

      If you would like to be part of the team then please email your CV to Vicky.

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