E-commerce: The rise of social media

Gen Z’s have entered the world of e-commerce, which for many brands is creating a necessary shift in their marketing strategies. 

Previously, strategies had to focus on key word related marketing such as PPC and  AdWord campaigns, and this would have been the correct approach to target the now, older generations such as the baby boomers who did, and will still use their trusted experience and expectations of internet based searching; Google, Amazon etc. to see them through the online purchasing process.

However, this has seen an 8% decline since 2020 and this continued habit won’t be enough to halt the inevitable and large shift towards social media based marketing….

Gen Z want to start their e-commerce journey at a place of inquisitiveness, a vague notion of interest and let social media platforms do the rest, directing them through trails of inspiration with a landing point that consists of an easy check-out option; social media ‘buy’ buttons etc. This explains the successful rise of apps like Pinterest who focus their entire premise on this notion of curiosity leading to purchase, along with the rise in search terms such as ‘inspo’ and ‘ideas’ across the board.

Based on the fact that almost 50% of young people are now using social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to search, TikTok have already been taking advantage of this, testing out a new search feature that highlights keywords in comments, and links them to results. With ‘shoppers’ also turning to social media for ‘real people’ product reviews, it’s no wonder that influencer and hashtag based campaigns have seen so much success.

Will this change see the death of impulse buying? 

It’s no surprise that impulse buying used to be more common in-store, but the answer is no! It is now almost equal with online purchases, with 48% of (daily TikTok using) Gen Z’s and Millenials completing an impulsive purchase every 2-3 weeks.

There’s no denying that companies need to attempt to keep up with this fast paced and changing environment, and ensure that their purchasing process is as quick and easy as possible to accommodate the arrival of Gen Z’s; 

What deals/limited time offers can we offer? Can we offer same/next day delivery and what trends are my audience researching right now?

Gone are the days of searching to find products, the products now have to find us!

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