Susanne MogensonNLP Specialist

Susanne has over 13 years of experience in product and business managements working in various roles in product and sales teams.

Around 9 years ago she decided to explore the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming and trained to be a NLP practitioner. The motivation was to become better and more efficient at communicating with co-workers and employees, and to explore and challenge her goal setting abilities both professionally and personally. NLP gave her all that and more! Susanne went on to teach NLP courses at Basingstoke College of Technology and uses NLP tools and techniques in her role as a coach.

For Susanne NLP is a powerful tool to unlock ‘stuck’ states and change behaviours and outcomes – this includes resolving conflicts and ensuring they don’t emerge in the first place, uncovering a business’ values and mission statement and cleverly communicate this to the organisation and clients, understanding peoples’ motivation, challenging business and individual goals and ensure the required resources are in place.

Part of the coaching program at Motorola, Susanne uses NLP to help her coachee’s to manage and communicate upwards, keep projects on track and improve business processes.

Service areas:  Coaching, Team leadership, Stakeholder management, Sales training, Customer proposition building, Customer life cycle planning, Business management and development, Product management, Business strategy, Change management, Six Sigma, Business process improvement.

Sectors: Radio communications, Mobile communications, Telecommunications, 4G Technologies CAD systems.

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